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“Delicious autumn!” wrote George Eliot, “my very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” I’m not sure I’d go that far – I do like all of the four seasons – but there is something special about autumn with its mists and bountiful harvests. We’ve been enjoying kicking the leaves about and snuggling up in front of the wood burner while the wind rages outside and the rain lashes the windows.

Magatha Bagatha: Pumpkin harvest

Pumpkin harvest

It makes life on the farm a little more muddy and slippery and there have been a few autumnal jobs to do, the main one being selling this year’s lambs. For once it was a quick process; our buyer knew he could rely on us to have 20 or so decent lambs, so he turned up with his trailer, showed us the colour of his money and the lambs were gone. We kept five ewe lambs as future flock replacements. It was supposed to be only four but then I found myself faced with the option of splitting up twin sisters and I’m not that hard-hearted!

Magatha Bagatha: Isabelle's quilt

Isabelle’s quilt

Meanwhile I have delivered a quilt to a delighted client (I’m relieved to say) and she has already ordered another, which is lovely because I enjoy sewing these quilts most of all. I also filled another varied order for bags and covered notebooks which are destined to be birthday presents.

Magatha Bagatha: Christmas preview

Christmas preview

In addition I have been busily making new quilted covers for our hot water bottles (we don’t put the heating on upstairs very often, so these are vital!) and making little things ready for Christmas.

Magatha Bagatha: Doctor Who scarf

Doctor Who scarf

I have been continuing with my Doctor Who Quilt Along, making a Cyberman pink (at the request of my daughters), a Dalek (to which I couldn’t resist adding a touch of gingham) and Tom Baker’s scarf, floating free in the cosmos. It’s a really fun process, with a new block every fortnight. Click here to a look at all of the other quilters’ blocks on the Flicker group.

Magatha Bagatha: Peacocks


I have also been experimenting with transferring images and text to fabric, which will be appearing on products soon so watch this space!