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We’re rather basking in an Indian summer here in the Preseli Hills. We’ve made hay for the first time in years; usually we make haylage which doesn’t need nearly so much drying and is plastic wrapped to protect it from the damp while curing and preserving the grass.

© Magatha Bagatha haymaking September 2014

© Magatha Bagatha haymaking September 2014

But that plastic wrap brings its own disposal problems – all we can do is store it in the hope that one day we’ll have enough for the recyclers to collect. Not using it at all is better and hay is so much nicer to deal with too. This year’s weeks of September sun made haymaking a doddle even in wet West Wales! It’s always a relief to see the barn full of fodder ready for the colder months.

Magatha Bagatha has taken a bit of a back seat this year while my elder daughter had major surgery on her spine to correct a severe scoliosis. We spent a nerve-racking week in hospital in July and then she needed 24-hour care for the first few weeks. She’s made an astonishingly speedy recovery and is now back at school, but tiredness and pain are never far away and we keep having to remember that she’s still recovering.

So it’s been a quiet summer from a business point of view but I never stop making things of course! I have two enormous quilt projects on-going (more of those in future posts) and I’ve made all kinds of little presents, an apron here, mug rug there, as needed.

In other news we’ve just had solar pv panels installed on the roof, so from now on my sewing machine will be powered by the sun (when it’s out). It’s an absolute delight to find the electricity meter at standstill while the panels feed in free electricity from the roof.