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It has been a while since I shared pictures of anything that I have made – which just goes to show that I prefer making things rather than photographing and writing about them I suppose! But I am always making things and occasionally I’ll even make something for myself, so when I was given a Kindle e-reader for Christmas and it needed a cover, sewing one was the obvious thing to do.

There are lots of patterns for Kindle covers on the internet, but this time the one I used was from Whipstitch and I actually made two, one for Rosie with beach huts fabric and this one for me, which rather reveals my inner geek.

Doctor Who Kindle cover

Front of Doctor Who Kindle cover

The fabric I used included two free samples from Spoonflower, the custom fabric shop based in the USA. Each year they offer their loyal followers a sample square of jersey fabric, so, naturally I chose Doctor Who themes and have spent the two years since getting the first one (which is on the inside, see below) wondering what to do with it. Jersey isn’t really suitable for this project, a sturdy woven fabric would have been better than a knit, and it took a lot of stabiliser to make it strong enough, but it worked and I’m proud of it!

Doctor Who Kindle cover - outer

Front and back, showing the lovely fabric – spot K9, the Tardis and a sonic screwdriver or two!

The fabric on the outside it called the Doctor’s Favourite Things and is designed by K. Downing. My sample wasn’t quite big enough, so I extended it with some fabric from a pair of Rosie’s old jeans – all very appropriate (as all Doctor Who fans will know).

Inside my Doctor Who Kindle Cover - scarf fabric!

Inside my Doctor Who Kindle Cover – scarf fabric!

This inside is all very fourth Doctor and is a fabric called Teeny Scarf, which is sadly no longer available. I matched it up with some plain quilting fabric, and there’s a useful pocket underneath the Kindle that I usually tuck my hand into when I’m reading, but I think it’s intended as a safe place for the e-reader to go for travelling purposes.

As for what I’m currently reading, it’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, an otherworldly novel full of magic and fairies.